Pike Hills Golf Club 4th October 2013

  1. The meeting was opened by the President Alan Mellon at 0900 with 17 members present.
  2. Apologies came from Paul Shipton, Ally Park, Lee Burns & Kevin Grace.
  3. The Minutes of the 54th Annual General Meeting were read.
  4. Matters arising. None. Agreed as a true record by Ewan Hewett & seconded by Minty.
  5. The President Alan Mellon thanked the secretaries & the players for their support in 2013. He had enjoyed the venues & was pleased with the number of players taking part, & stated that it was a shame Bolton was unplayable. Carlisle 19, Lytham Green 46, Sandmoor 43, Mottram Hall 44, Pike Hills 38. He went on to thank Mark Richardson for the excellent Website.
  6. To receive the accounts from Tony Brown, these were presented & accepted by those present. The balance was 674.54.
  7. To elect the officers of the society; Howard Barker was elected as Chairperson & Tony Brown as Secretary.
  8. Fixtures 2014; May Merseyside, June South Yorkshire, July North Yorkshire, August West Yorkshire, September Cheshire, October AGM Lancashire.
  9. A proposal from Grant Morrow of South Yorkshire was debated & it was decided that a society handicap system would be looked into with the co-operation of all the services to arrive at a fair conclusion.
  10. From Kevin Grace of Cheshire regards the team prize. This was debated & it was decided that there would be no team prize & as an alternative a third prize in each division would be awarded at the venues.
  11. Grant Morrow stated that the National Individual was to be held in South Yorkshire in 2014 in late August.
  12. The meeting closed at 0937.