Penrith Golf Club, 7th October 2016

  1. The meeting was opened by the Chairman Howard Barker at 0900 with 14 members present.
  2. There were no apologies
  3. The Minutes of the 57th Annual General Meeting were read.
  4. Matters arising. None. Agreed as a true record by Roy Wood and seconded by Lee Burns.
  5. An address by the President Alan Mellon reflecting on the last 10 years and now at 84 years with a pacemaker thanked the fire service golfing family for their friendship. He presented Roy Wood of Greater Manchester with the Jackeray Trophy for his good work at the retired firefighter tournament where many of our members did well. Then he went on to present a new trophy the Presidents trophy for the best score at the final meeting of the year.
  6. The Chairman's report; Howard thanked the President, the Secretary, Mark Richardson and the Service Secretaries for their work. He thanked the members for their attendance. There were 21 at Mottram, 21 at Manchester, 38 at Lytham, 29 at Portal, 19 at Tankersley and 38 at Penrith. He hoped the support would continue into 2017.
  7. To receive the accounts from Tony Brown, these were presented and accepted by those present. The balance was 929.15.
  8. To elect the officers of the society; Howard Barker was elected as Chairman and Tony Brown as Secretary and Alan Mellon as President.
  9. Fixtures 2017; May, West Yorkshire, June, North Yorkshire, July, Cumbria, August Greater Manchester, September Lancashire and October AGM in Cheshire.
  10. The  stableford format for all divisions was confirmed. A proposal by Keith Woodham was to introduce a team event where by the three players at each tee time (not in the same service) would play 666. The best score from one player counts for the first six holes. The best 2 scores then count for the next six holes (7-12). Then all scores to count for the last six (13-18). This was passed and it is hoped it is possible to administer and finance.
  11. The meeting closed at 0932.